Trace James is a member of a worldwide community of emerging Christians who seek to tell and live the story of God for the 21st century. We seek to imagine and live out a faith that is more Jewish, more mystical, far less hierarchical, more practical than doctrinal and concerned about the future of God’s creation. He teaches biblical studies for Studies in Grace, an educational ministry that focuses on telling the story of God through ancient times and into the present time. Trace’s materials focus on the unfolding story of God as we find it in the Scriptures of the newer and older testaments. This blog exists to continue the conversation which begins in the SiG courses.

Among the courses which are offered through Studies in Grace are A Year in the Bible, InDepth Isaiah, InDepth Luke/Acts, InDepth Revelation, InDepth Romans, and InDepth Ruth. For more information please visit the SiG Courses, Comments and Sign-ups page on this blog or contact Trace at http://www.studiesingrace.tj@gmail.com.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Kathy Walker said:

    Do include me with blog updates!

  2. subscribe me!

  3. jeff pollart said:

    please send me the blog updates.

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