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The Religious News Service wants $190 from me to re-publish their post by this name. Pity. Still, it is free to link you to it.

This is a great post, with some excellent comments, especially by “David” who thinks Wright is ‘off his rocker’ and “skylarking” who succinctly answers him. David hears something outside his left vs. right understanding and assumes Wright is “on the other side.”

Wright has spent the second half of his career, ever since he began to seriously publish, being accused of “rank liberalism” by theological conservatives and of leading “a fundamentalist backlash” by theological “progressives.”

Although he was a conservative young man, trained by England’s theological liberal establishment, Wright is neither a liberal nor a conservative. It is hard for people who have always seen the Christian discussion of our day in a left/right frame to imagine that a few people, here and there, working by various means, have found their way back behind the modernist left/right battle to a biblical Christianity which breaks out of traditional molds of both kinds and moves us toward a genuinely bible-based, God-breathed, creation affirming future and hope.

Let’s face it; neither liberals nor conservatives want an actual lord of creation who is right now judging the nations for failing to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly before God. Conservatives want a personal savior who cares about swearing (NO!) and quiet times (YES!). Liberals want a savior who by his words and life taught us to be good to others and accept everyone. The tiny liberal and conservative versions of Christianity with which we deal are each good as far as they go: we should not swear (usually), times of personal reflection and communion with God are wonderful, we should be good to others and we should accept every person we meet, as C. S. Lewis said, as a potential eternal splendor.

All true, but so far short of the message and declaration that King Jesus reigns now in a not-far-off heaven, with incredible power and all possible resources at his present disposal. So far short, our little personal liberal and conservative saviors, of the king who never gives up on what he has made, who claims all creation as his own, who brings heaven down to transform earth!

If you would care to read the post at the News Service and comment here, I would be glad to engage with you. At some point I will pick up Wright’s How God Became King; The Forgotten Story of the Gospels and then I will comment on it myself. And if you want to repost my posts on that book somewhere else, it will be for free.